jaytea commented on a Page, jaytea's Highlight Thing  -  Mar 20, 2011

update: alright, i finally tweaked it to work on earlier versions of mIRC. also modified the mouse over colouring so that it only colours lines that can still be found in the source window buffer.

thanks for the feedback everyone!

sunslayer: i don't think that colour is used anywhere now. it was introduced over 10 years ago accompanied by this versions.txt entry:

93.Added "Highlight nicknames" option to Display/options dialog, it
colours nickname prefixes in messages with the "highlight text"

this option was then moved a couple of versions later, and now it doesn't seem to exist anymore.

MaSOuD, why? the point of this addon was to add functionality onto mIRC's own highlight system which is already very easy to configure and rich in features.

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