Aucun50 commented on a Page, IRC-Inviter  -  Mar 18, 2011

In case you didn't understand what I was getting at the first time I will explain myself again. I'm not here to make this hard or try and make you look bad. I posted a simple comment with a question, took that comment the wrong way. I'm not blaming anyone for bad coding and scripting nor was I calling you inexperienced with mIRC scripting. I was simply asking if you had missed a alias as you had a command that was like a alias yet no alias to support it. That problem was fixed when Jethro_ cleared up that you can use the "$mircdir" and the file name together without an error, after that I said it wasn't in the right format, not that you did you code all wrong comment but a hint that you might want to change it.

I really don't care if you think I'm being mean and giving you a hard time, everyone has their days. You don't need to go out of your way to try and make me look bad after I basically said I was sorry for the rudeness in my comment I didn't mean it. That in itself is just rude, throwing it back in my face. If you don't like the comments people post on hawkee there is a simple was to fix this... don't post anymore snippets. You will always have someone, I don't care how perfect your code may be but someone will post a hash comment or, like in this case the author of the snippet takes the comment the wrong way.

I don't want to be your enemy but your making this difficult. Your taking one side and sticking with it, that's fine. I'm sorry if my comments offended you in anyway. I have posted snippet and had comments like that myself, some meant to be hash, other I took the wrong way. I moved on and forgot about it. I hope we can put this aside and forget also as I don't want to make enemies or have a group of people dislike me because others. I ask that you forgive me and I will stop posing comments on your snippets if you like.

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