Jethro commented on a Page, Cricket World Cup Schedule 2011  -  Mar 15, 2011

Linuxuser, you need to be aware of that your regex will trigger if you enter, say, 93. You need to make sure it ends at the single digit number 9 by adding the dollar sign at the end:


and you may want to make it case insensitive so it will recognize the cricket2011 command if a user enters it with one uppercase letter in it. Regex by design is case sensitive until you specify the /i modifier or (?i) switch. While you can get away without using the delimiters / / at both ends, it's a best practice that you do when dealing with regex. You can incorporate the regex into the match-text section of the text event and then add the $ prefix to indicate that it's a regex match. You can also add the /S modifier to it to strip control codes. This modifier is designed for mIRC only and not a standard one in regex.

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