Jethro commented on a Page, Cricket World Cup Schedule 2011  -  Mar 13, 2011

I didn't start by making one text event per routine. Good thing I was taught to use if-then-elseif-else when I first discovered MSL. I suppose I was lucky to meet many great msl coders whom I have learned a lot from.

These days I've seen many people mislead other beginners into writing a code that they think is the right way, but in actuality they wind up making the code more redundant and inefficient. We have to learn to distinguish between the good and bad codes, which beginners are often clueless. It's also unfortunate to hurt others' feelings when you pinpoint their code with either constructive criticism or else. Some perceive your input negatively...whether your intention is positive.

In closing, I don't claim myself as the best there is, and I still have lots to learn.

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