blackvenomm666 commented on a Page, Short key   -  Mar 12, 2011

also keeping it at how you have it not changing it too much the on 1:TEXT:.i:#: could be done

on 1:TEXT:*:#: { 
  tokenize 32 $strip($1-)
  if ($1 == .i) && (opnick* iswm $nick) { invite $$2 #mainchannel } 
  if ($1 == .b) && (opnick* iswm $nick) {   mode $chan +b $$2  }
  if ($1 == .ub) && (opnick* iswm $nick) { mode $chan -b $$2  | msg $chan $$2 Iam behalf of this op, So plz dnt do this again :) }
  if ($1 == .op) && (opnick* iswm $nick) {  cs op $chan $me   |  me say Thanks to me for aOp you 

the tokenize line strips it of color and that is a better way of doing the command than 1:TEXT:.i:# <<< that way will pick up .i anywhere in a sentence ex. (hello .i am going to the mall.) if someone said that the bot would go and check see if the person can use the command and if they can use the command it will try to use it. the above way i showed won't just trigger at anytime it will only trigger if the first thing said is the command. not only that but it groups them all together so you dont have as many on text events.

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