gooshie commented on a Page, Pro Slap!  -  Mar 08, 2011

Then of course we have typo's gettok version. Note use of 7dot as separator to avoid conflicts with comma or other keyboard accessible characters.

menu nicklist {
  .$iif($$1,Prooo Slap! $1,Pick a Nick):{ 
    .timer 1 1 me walks up to15,1 $1 then pulls out a 09,01 $gettok(12 inch Butterfly knifeBowie knifewooden stickmetal poleFleshlightglove with a brick inside it2 ton Acme weight,$rand(1,7),7)  and massacres them with it...
    .timer 1 3 me goes to his car and takes out a 07,01 $gettok(RPD Bling pro(Heartbeat sensor + FMJ)M16 with n00b tubeSPAS with red dot sightDesert Eagle,$rand(1,4),7)  and shoots $1 in the head and walks away.
    .timer 1 5 say 9,1another bitch.. 11,1PWNED!!!
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