Jethro commented on a Page, $utf8 + upsidedown and octatext  -  Mar 06, 2011

Nice new addition, Ford. :p

Cheiron wrote:

2... some of the scripting i use is not working on the new 7+if the old scripts you have don't work with the latest version, how do you expect them to work when you make a transition from 6.35 to a 7+ version in the future?

I quote a passage Khaled has written from> While it may seem that mIRC v6.35 handles codepages correctly, there are a large number of situations where it cannot do so due to a lack of context, just like in the channels list window, and many users have reported issues, such as corrupted text and incorrect encodings, over the years. It would not be possible to add codepage support to mIRC v7.1 without leading to the same issues that were present in all previous versions of mIRC.You might find yourself stuck with 6.35 for good... Just food for thought.

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