_Dean_ commented on a Page, Youtube Link Information --WORKING--  -  Feb 22, 2011

i really dont know, i didnt say u was lying

look i tested on 6.17 and that version really showed a problem, but on 7.14 no

try this alternative edit
i edited it, and this one will recognize the sockclose to hfree the hash

on *:TEXT:*youtube.com/watch?v=*:#: {
  if (!$sock(youtube)) && (!%t) {
    noop $regex($strip($1-),http:\/\/.*youtube.*\/watch\?v=(.+))
    sockopen youtube www.youtube.com 80 | sockmark youtube $chan $regml(1)
    inc -u3 %t

on *:SOCKOPEN:youtube: {
  var %x = sockwrite -n $sockname
  %x GET $+(/watch?v=,$gettok($sock(youtube).mark,2,32)) HTTP/1.1
  %x Host: www.youtube.com
  %x $crlf

on *:SOCKREAD:youtube: {
  var %ytx | sockread %ytx
  if $regex(%ytx,/<meta name="title" content="(.+)"/) { hadd -m youtube 1 1[1,0You0,4Tube] $qt($regml(1))  }
  if $regex(%ytx,/<a id="watch-username".*><strong>(.+)<\/strong><\/a>/) { hadd -m youtube 2 User: $regml(1)  }
  if $regex(%ytx,/<strong>(\d+)<\/strong>/) { hadd -m youtube 3 Viewed: $regml(1) }
  if $regex(%ytx,<span class="likes">(\d+)<\/span>.*<span class="dislikes">(\d+)<\/span>\s) { 
    msg $gettok($sock(youtube).mark,1,32) $hget(ytb,1) - $hget(ytb,2) - $hget(ytb,3) - Likes: $regml(1) Dislikes: $regml(2) 
    sockclose youtube
on *:sockclose:youtube:{
  hfree youtube
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