FordLawnmower commented on a Page, Mute ban with enforce  -  Feb 21, 2011

Thanks Dean :)
Thanks Jethro_ :)
A large section of this script is the alias parsemode, which is used to determine which modes are actually changed.
If you remove the -l from this alias you can see what it does and why it's needed.

//echo -a $parsemode(+bbb this that theother)

Will return::

+bthat +btheother +bthis


//echo -a $parsemode(+b-b+b this this this)

Will only return The mode that actually changed::

//echo -a $parsemode(+b-b+b-b this this this this)

Will return nothing, since nothing actually changed.
Boring , I know. But it's needed to prevent someone from tricking you into removing your own ban. It also helps prevent you from being flooded off the server for reversing modes that were never actually changed.

By the way. This version of parsemode, only parses qaohvb, as these were the only ones required by this script.
Thanks for the comments :)

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