MoshMage commented on a Page, /pause  -  Feb 16, 2011

erm, maybe i'm not vewy bright buut. why /pause when u can timer it? i mean, it's the exact same thing, except it uses a outside method.

Maybe that's why you got a 6, you just spawn this here. you make no pros and cons, you just hope people understand that that comopen thingy is 'hard' to do and therefore it's awesomesauce code and therefore great snippet..

Well, i'm not even going to rate it. As far as i'm concerned, rating a code over how good it is is shit if the codes accomplishes absolutly nothing new. as.. it is the case.

Also, this isn't a Iphone App or anyother important scripting thing. people will you realize that you're getting upset because of mIRC Scripting. MS is only good for training ur brain and having a good time other than that is.. utter sh+t so, why rate?

I just realized this threat has been dead for ages. -.-'

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