_Dean_ commented on a Page, Blacklist input  -  Feb 15, 2011

if Teen or Dean or whatever his alter ego is want's to think he's the best scripter out there...

f­uck i never said i was the best, damn, by the way, its not me who try to show, that im better than everyone here, see the guy above my post, everytime i post about some snippet, he always come to comment about my post, by the way, its not just he, its his crew, napa, you, sunslayer (i know you will come here to say crap too) and some other brown noses

when I seen a lot of his stuff being "flamed" then let him.

can u show to me who "flamed" my snippets? i dont see another ppl talking bad about my snippet, if its not the same ppl as ever, who scores my snippets, with bad scores ( and then, they said im a coward, saying that was me who scored some snippets there )

you started it with me, when i was discussing with Jethro_, and then u came from nothing, and said crap to me, i dont care to bring ppl down, if this ppl its u or other brown nose, guys

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