xdesoto commented on a Page, Blacklist input  -  Feb 15, 2011

Jethro_ I'll admit you say some pretty profound things. But, seriously if Teen or Dean or whatever his alter ego is want's to think he's the best scripter out there when I seen a lot of his stuff being "flamed" then let him.
I really don't care if my snippets are talked about it means nothing to me. I do not get butt hurt over somone I do not know nor care about comment about something that was just thrown together.

Dean WHO CARES no one is perfect And this may come to a stretch to you but THAT INCLUDES YOU.
I feel you were waiting for me to put up a new snippet just so you can "proove" that you're better than me. But, where does that get you? I mean does it make you money? Does it provide for your family? No, Where there's your problem right there. So, you can continue bringing people down with your immature little comments. And I'll continue posting stuff for your immature self can have something to do.

[i]concur, This is the cyber world The horse that they have to come off of is the trojan horse and they are afraid to fall -_-

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