Jethro commented on a Page, -thanks  -  Feb 14, 2011

There are other gray areas you may need to take note for - if $3 isn't specified, your code will trigger upon $1 to $2, and $3 can be messed about with anything. Say someone enter > -thanks Cookies without $3, it will become.> "I just gave Cookies Monies!!Say someone enters> -thanks Cookies Milk, it'll then output > "I just gave Cookies Milk Monies!!"There's also a less significant factor this script is lacking. It will likely be flooded so you may need to implement a flood control just in case. Even an OP can go bad. You can combine these two events into one with the if then elseif condition.

Finally and no offense, IMHO, you can simply use $1-3 for what this script is doing without bothering with INI. The INI in your script operation has no particular meaning. If an INI file is a must, you may consider showing the amount of deducted and earned money and what's left, so you don't waste the INI for nothing.

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