FiberOPtics commented on a Page, Basic $regex example  -  Jan 04, 2006

You should always put your expressions between slashes / /
before you run into this situation:

//echo -a $regex(a,moo)

and wonder why it says there is 1 match...

Also, when you create regexes that capture a pattern, it\'s also a good idea to name your regexes, because everytime a regex captures, it overwrites the old results in $regml.

In cases where you are not planning to reference the captured results later with $regml, it is more efficient to create an uncapturing expression:

(?:L|l) instead of (L|l)

but anyway you should just use the i modifier which will make your expressoin case insensitive:

From: if ($regex($1-,(L|l)(O|o)(L|l)) > 0) {


if ($regex($1-,/lol/i)) {

The i modifier tells the regex engine that the specified alpha chars are case insensitive.

I could go on and on and give tips for improvement, but that would end up being a tutorial, something that already exists.

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