Cold_Fussion commented on a Page, Script Loader  -  Jan 15, 2011

could be something i'm doing....but, it doesn't work for me! :( for some reason it doesn't show all of the only shows 3. (2 unloaded and 1 loaded - of hundreds) These scripts are located in the same place as all my other scripts
and yes, i read comments and noticed that all scripts need to be in the $mircdir* so I made sure that is where they are. any idea as to why it would do this?

[i]concur...... as i said its cos or ur $mircdir.........
if u use mirc higher than 6.21 i think it changes ur mirc directory to something hectic like: /users/so forth...... get all ur scripts to where ur mirc.exe is and this code could help u change ur default folder for $mircdir

on *:START: {
  if !$exists($+($remove($gettok($mircexe,1-,92),mIRC.exe),Sounds)) {
    run $+(",$mircexe,") -r" $+ $remove($gettok($mircexe,1-,92),mIRC.exe) $+ "
    exit -n

that code needs ur mirc.ini and servers.ini file in with ur mirc.exe or else it will create new ones and u would need to config mirc again.......
*NB also i take no responsibility to change ur mirc directory for $mircdir...

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