Jethro commented on a Page, Sniper/ass kick  -  Jan 12, 2011

phil24, using pipes excessively to separate codes is not usually considered the good coding practice or habit, and it can make debug more confusing and error prone if you happen to not leave a space between pipes and the code. Not to mention it gets the code a lot longer sideways, which in turn make the overall code look really ugly. Try to get rid of the pipe use and put each code line by line and you'll see how clean it looks. Here is what I mean:

menu nicklist {
    .timersn1 1 1 me pulls out a PSG1
    inc %snipekick 
    .timersn2 1 3 me breaths in 
    .timersn3 1 5 me breaths out 
    .timersn4 1 6 me holds his breath and looks down the infrared scope
    .timersn5 1 7 me focuses 
    .timersn6 1 9 me pulls the trigger 
    .timersn7 1 10 me watches $1 fall to the ground and die 
    .timersn8 1 11 kick $chan $1 4,1H1,8E4,1A1,8D4,1S1,8H4,1O1,8T0,1!! 4,1.:7,1[({9,1I have sniped11,1 %snipekick 9,1pussys7,1})]4,1:.
    .timersn9 1 13 msg $chan 7,1Now14,1... 11,1Anybody else?
  ..Ass Kick:{ 
    .timeras1 1 1 me kicks $1 in the ass 
    inc %asskick 
    .timeras2 1 2 kick $chan $1 You just got your ass kicked... 4,1.:7,1[({9,1I have kicked11,1 %asskick 9,1asses7,1})]4,1:.
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