Typo commented on a Page, PassGen 4.0  -  Jan 09, 2011


I made a little alteration to mine..(the one I pasted it before in the other password snippet that the OP was referring to).....I thought "why not add symbols/punctuation too" and so with that in mind was actually able to shorten it by using $chr and the numbers that all letters, numbers and usable characters fall into. Like before it defaults to a random size of 12 to 18 characters unless you specify the length like $makepass(129) .

alias makepass {
  var %go $iif($1 isnum,$v1,$r(12,18))
  while (%go) {
    var %pass %pass $+ $chr($r(33,126))
    dec %go
  return %pass

I like the little dialog yours came with but not sure I wanna invest that kinda time into what is really a silly snippet.

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