IllogicTC commented on a Page, Mkpass v 0.2  -  Jan 08, 2011

I personally would suggest other examples, that exhibit a more random function than this particular snippet. Not only is it limited (and a large snippet for the simple function it provides), but notice there is a pattern to it. Usually random passwords rely on the fact that in using alphanumeric characters, a password of given length (say 3 characters for simplicity) will have 62^3, or 238328 possible combinations. Compare that to !mkpass 3 here, where you get 26 26 10, or 6760 combinations (only 2.8% of the total of true random). It guarantees to someone looking to break your password that your first letter will ALWAYS be an uppercase letter, your second a lowercase letter, and your third a number, and in repeating order.

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