skitzkid commented on a Page, Basic Bot framework v0.2  -  Jan 02, 2011

//echo -a $iif(test = !$isalnum,a,b)
But I think you are right, if($2 = !$isalnum) was incorrect.

Quoted from Jethro_:
There is no doubt skitzkid's script here will result some random errors...or even an unworkable outcome. I mean, doesn't it make sense to you to start a project or work and finish it that's worth your time and effort? Don't just submit a script with a nonchalant attitude.

This code works fine, ping and setaccess may need to be properly tested and may need minor adjustments but overall the codes functionality is absolute. I do see where you are coming from I take all valid suggestions/tips, if I don't see how its an efficient way of doing something I ask and if there is no real reason to change what i have then why bother?

The reason you are finding older coding techniques is because I have been coding in MsL for around 8 years and I have only recently started messing around in mIRC 7.*

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