skitzkid commented on a Page, Basic Bot framework v0.2  -  Jan 02, 2011

Thank you for suggestions, i didn't bother using regex because there is no need at this point with a script as simple as this, also the current code was made in less than 15 mins without any testing.

I made this out of boredom for learning purposes, most newbies have unsecure INI based registration/login systems that I see being exploited constantly.
My code should have very few, if any flaws for kiddies to take advantage of, all this code lacks from what i can see is flood protection(1 line of code).
The next version will be a bit more advanced it will be shortened, controlled by dialogs, hash table DB and MySQL supported, however that would be more of an addon. I will also include a method to convert ini data to hash for the people who are already using this code and wish to upgrade.

@Known, why would i use goto for an array for something like commands? 'If' is quite sufficient.

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