Wade commented on a Page, Basic Bot framework v0.2  -  Dec 31, 2010

might i suggest you use a regex match for your commands? like so

on $*:TEXT:/[!`@.]login/Si:#: { }

so that !login `login @login .login all perform the same task as some users prefer different triggers over other users purely for ease of access.

Also the use of hash tables in some places rather than .ini files will keep things running faster ;) Mainplace i would suggest using a hashtable over an ini is for the people logged into your bot. The ini file could become relatively large in size eventually and so a hash table would be considerably faster.

of course they're just suggestions ;)

here is an example of one of my bot commands http://pastebin.com/V0kaA65f the only thing im using inis for is if the user is banned and if they have played the bot before, otherwise its hashtables.

Jethro_ showed my the ways of hashtables with the "antispam" since then, i've recoded 90% of my bot to use them and the time between commands and the response was reduced massively

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