jaytea commented on a Page, BNC Disconnect  -  Dec 24, 2010

will only send the address, not the entire host, by the way, its not safe send the host, with the ip

i'm not sure what you're trying to say here. $ial($me).addr returns the ident@host that the server sends you and everyone else that ever receives server messages concerning your client. it is the very same ident@host that users will see when you later /quit. the fact that he adds ~ to the ident leads me to believe that what he is aiming to get is precisely this information.

$host, on the other hand, does not necessarily return information that is available to other clients. if the network has host hashing and mIRC uses a server lookup method to resolve a named host from your IP, then $host will reveal your real host (and, consequentially, your IP) whereas $ial($me).addr and $ial($me).host would not.

ultimately, the OP would need to clarify what information it is he's trying to display - chances are that it is simply $ial($me).addr.

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