Slickone commented on a Page, kill PM  -  Dec 21, 2010

sigh... See there you go getting all defencive.
An no I am not part of any crew or conspiracy.
I am just a member of this site, that is sick of seeing it get twisted with people that think they are better then others when they are clearly not.

Like I said why don't you grow up some. Stop being an ahole to everyone, and maybe we can all get along.

You sir are no better nore no worse then any other msl coder here.

Just because someone calls you out on your behavior does not mean they are in any crew as
you put it. Most of the users here are sick of seeing this site getting pulled down by users like you.

All I am saying is get along with people, and it will make your time, as well as others a lot nicer here.
In all honestly you act like a 5 year old, and if you are 5 then sorry, but it is the truth.
It is like you are paranoid. Thinking people are in some kind of conspiracy or crew out to get you.
If that is the case then maybe you should seek some professional help for your well being.

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