Jethro commented on a Page, gift command  -  Dec 19, 2010

ZirixZero, you code has a few things to be aware of:

  1. Your !gift trigger will process if no $2 is specified as to whom the sender is.

  2. The command /say cannnot be used in an event remotely. Use /msg $chan instead, or else you'll get an error saying "you're not on a channel."

  3. You didn't use $+ . to separate $nick and the period. You'll get an error saying there is no such "$nick." identifier.

Finally, this will make the best of your example:

on *:text:!gift*:#:/msg $chan Here's a gift from $iif($2,$2,$me) $+ . Enjoy :)

Though a trigger protection is also suggested so you can be best protected if one attempts to flood you.

When you offer a suggestion, make sure it's well thought out before submitting it.

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