and how did i not help here? i edited it in a way that would allow the user to better understand it if he regex is beyond them atm. i consider that helping for one. for two most of my helping people happens in private messages i get from them just ask cupcake. for three i didnt take 40 minutes moron. i stopped working on it. then started working on it again later you should really learn your facts oh and napa has only made ONE of my sockets which i then changed to my own use. i mean seriously if you cannot tell the difference between my socktes and napa's sockets you are a complete and total nub. and on the one he did do that i edited to my own use i put a thanks for his help up in the description. you on the other hand get your sockets anywhere you can grab em. one day your saying you wanna learn next day your releasing well scripted sockets? i think not. your having people write your sockets for you then posting them as yours learn when to shut up teen. oh and i dont wanna see you hurt yourself anymore than you already have trying to insult people here so just take a break and stop thinking. shouldnt be too hard for you to do.

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