well, im not the brown nosin, of ford, I just appreciate your willingness to help,
instead of other guys here, that think its Khaled himself, there are many skilled guys here, who really are interested to help, i really apreciate the ppl who just know a few things on MSL and wants to know more, and help, instead of some guys that dont know nothing like you, and come here to say something of other users

im not an expert, i need to learn many things yet, of course, but i dont act like a GOD here, that instead help ppl, they just criticize others, and dont post any answer for the question...

by the way, this its becoming a chat, i will let u all alone

Hey F|_|cknuts if i knew nothing about coding msl how is it i have 2 released versions of irc. and a crapton of snippets on here all of which work unlike yours.
you need to stop thinking YOUR god and that the way you say to do things is the only way it should be done. your just a lil kid who got butthurt because i found a snippet of yours that didnt work pointed it out in the comments of that snippet then created my complete own version of it that did work. why don't you start spending more time learning how to code better and less time trying to bash people when you can barely speak english good enough to make people understand you if you want i can get ahold of bubba for you to help you learn english that way you'd have an incentive to learn the better you get the more d1ck you get from him

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