cupcake commented on a Page, Flirt script -Updated-!  -  Nov 27, 2010

Brenna, all i have to say is your doing a good job, you are trying hard, haven't given up.Keep up Scripting if it is what you like and enjoy doing it. Everyone had to start somewhere and you have potental,do not get discouraged. You did update your snippet and you are happy with it thats what matters. I understand the other comments they want to help you, and show you how to be better. It takes time and willingness to learn, find someone with patience to help and answer your questions thats the first step. I given up on doing anything else, know have no talent at all don't understand sockets or much of any of those codes. Still like to test snippets and tell how they work, feel like thats all i can do to contribute to this site, LoL At least i'm honest. Mostly just want to say keep submitting and learning remember you are young and can do anything you set your mind to doing. Your doing a great job, don't get discouraged :)

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