cofvempire commented on a Page, nick tracker  -  Nov 27, 2010

@dragon_985 and arianna_peters => Use /clones <nick/adress >to pull up previous/current nicks used by that user, this also works if you provide an address or ident

like this => /clones cofvempire
and then u get this back:

Address Search from !@X.X.X.X cofvempire
Ident Search from cof cofvempire

or put this in (above that script), so it works with the rightclickmenu also:

menu * {
  .click it:/clones $1
  .fill it:/clones $$?="what nick/address are you searching for?:"

the click it part is to click on the nick and it shows what it has logged.
the fill it part is where you can put a nick or address in if that nick isnt online and you want to know what other nicks r used by them

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