Jethro commented on a Page, quote socket  -  Nov 24, 2010

Jenny wrote:> Ok works nice. Would be better if you can have a setting whereby when put on a bot, it will msg the channel every hour or whatever time you choose with a quote. A small on/off menu with timer would make this a great snippet. I would then give it a definite like :)

on $*:text:/^!(auto)?(quote)\b|(off)$/iS:#:{
  if !%t { inc -u6 %t
    if $regml(1) = quote { quotes # | halt }
    elseif $regml(1) = off {
      if $timer(auto) { .timerauto off | .msg # Auto quote has been turned off! }
    else { goto $iif(!$2 || $2 !isnum,error,timer) }
    :error | .msg # $nick $+ , please enter a number. e.g. !autoquote 20 $&
      (This sets quote to message in the channel every 20 seconds.) | halt
    $+(.timer,$regml(1)) 0 $2 quotes #
    .msg # Auto quote has been set to message the channel every $2 seconds!
alias quotes {
  sockopen quotes 80
  sockmark quotes $iif($active = $1,.msg $1,echo -at) 12,1[4,1Random Quotes12,1]
on *:sockopen:quotes:{
  var %quotes sockwrite -n quotes
  %quotes GET / HTTP/1.1
  %quotes Host: $+($sock(quotes).addr,$str($crlf,2))
on *:sockread:quotes:{
  var %quotes | sockread %quotes
  if (<p class="quote"> isin %quotes) {
    $sock(quotes).mark $remove($gettok($v2,2,62),<br,</p)
    sockclose quotes

Now you can have it both ways. For your own use, enter: /quotes

For other people to use:

For manual quote, enter: !quote
For timed quote, enter: !autoquote
To turn timed quote off, enter !off

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