RoninWarrior commented on a Page, Yoinx's Talker  -  Dec 14, 2005

upon loading and just opeing the dialog threw your given popups in the channel i get this error

  • /hsave: unable to open \'C:\mIRC\data\default.tlk\' (line 298, script.ini)

i used the help popup in the edit menu of the dialog it opened blank with this error

  • /loadbuf: invalid parameters (line 109, script.ini)

same with the about dialog

  • /loadbuf: invalid parameters (line 112, script.ini)

i used the add and load feature threw the menu itmes and came up with these errors

  • /hsave: unable to open \'C:\mIRC\data\ddd.tlk\' (line 149, script.ini)
    and the talkers popup in menu item there is nothing there to use or choose

over all great idea a few bugs and much needed dialog designing much smaller if possiable

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