GuitarMasterx7 commented on a Page, FunCommands  -  Nov 01, 2010

napa182, get a life. why would you waste your time putting others down. No-one else is listening, napa182. Seriously, get a life.

i lol'd... Napa182 has gotten plenty
of respect from scripters a like to
say what he needs to say.
and you lil boy, needa calm your nipples ;]

nigguhs be arrogant nowadays but its whatever i guess is NOT a pastebin for crap like this
and yes crap. its leaned more towards the learning
from your bullshit rather then talkin shi back
to the ppl trying to better your skills in mSL.

yes i agree mSL is not a completely legit style of
coding, but it is infact a base of coding. it is the
easiest, and if your learned more you can learn things
that will get you dat money. but idc if you decide to take
the time an learn from others rather then being lame.

but anyways

to make this script LESS uglier then it awready is
if statements or a goto loop would be better then
this basic structure.

ON *:TEXT:*:#: {
  if ($1 == !bow) describe $chan sees: $nick Bows down to $2-
  if ($1 == !boom  describe $chan sees: $nick Blows up  $2-
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