tv3636 commented on a Page, Family Feud  -  Oct 01, 2010

@Lucius Thanks, but the issue is other plurals (of which there are a lot). Checking for an s is easy enough as you showed, but there are other possibilities/alternate spellings, etc. that are difficult to look for

@bourneident The auto-stop is basically already there, you just have to !start n and it will stop after n questions. I could look into adding more scoring features in the future but at the moment I'm at college and I only have a macbook, so I can't really do any mIRC coding. I don't have too much time anyway, so it would have to wait.

If anyone wants to modify it themselves and re-post it I would be fine with that, since I'm probably not going to be able to work on it again for a while if at all.

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