FordLawnmower commented on a Page, Twitter Search for Eggdrop  -  Sep 19, 2010

Added advanced search description.

Advanced Searches::
Normal: !tserch words here
From a User: !tsearch from:UserNameHere
To a User: !tsearch to:UserNameHere
Referencing a User: !tsearch @UserNameHere
Hashtag: !tsearch #HashTagHere
Mixed Example: !tsearch from:UserNameHere search words here

Example Advanced Search:

09:36:32 <!Ford> !tsearch water from:fordlawnmower
09:36:34 Twitter The U.S. state that contains the most square miles of inland water is Alaska. by FordLawnmower
09:36:35 Twitter A giraffe can go without water longer than a camel can. by FordLawnmower
09:36:36 Twitter 2 results

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