a careful warchild commented on a Page, VOICE ON AGE 1.9  -  Aug 24, 2010

i didn't do either of those for these reasons: 1. if i make it work without the !, it could kick someone for stating a number not related to their age. the ! makes it intentional. 2. if someone enters with a nick and is underage, it will blacklist the nick (even if the next person that uses that nick is of age). Thanks for the ideas though! keep em coming and give me more feedback! :)

i really hope im one of the first to employ auto update scripts bc that would be cool! :)

I agree with the no prefix. However, I've created my own age script, that uses .inis. That records the hostmask, rather than the nick. That way it'll remember who's who, and for multiple nicks, and it'll save on having to ask everyone each time they rejoin the channel.

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