TheWhistler commented on a Page, Anti-Drone (Random nick & ident)  -  Aug 23, 2010

why do that when you can install the Unrealircd module call Anti-Random and here is the link to it if u own a shell , then you wnat have to worry the above. yes this works great cause i used it befor and yes it may get a few chatters now and then but it worth it if you have those type bots connecting.Description:
This module attempts to identify random-looking nicks/idents/realnames and takes the specified action (kill/gline/etc). Useful against bots, Gemster you should use this
plus it gives u a text for a page to go read on the site if you have 1 on what to do if a chatter gets caught. good luck. i have 1 bot that tries to connect and gets banned then my stats goes down , anybody know why this happens, mail me at

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