FordLawnmower commented on a Page, Twitter Stream  -  Aug 16, 2010

I must have missed your previous comment Amiga600. It is possible to change what it says after the post if you have an api key and you get your project approved by twitter. At this point it will say the name of your project after the post.
The problem that I ran into here is that twitter will not approve the project if you are using basic auth. Twitter insists that you use Oauth, which I have considered for some of my scripts but I always run into more problems at this point.
I won't get into all the issues that I have with OAuth, but I will say that my main problem is that I would have to post my personal api key for others to use my project name. Given the high probability of abuse if you post your personal key on a public forum like this, I haven't put much more thought into these changes.
At some point I will have to switch to OAuth and I will probably wait to change the script.

hashtag I don't really know much about twitter ;/

That looks like it just searches for other instances of that #words use in a tweet.
Is it really necessary to create a link for this.
idk I'm out of the loop or something.

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