Lucius commented on a Page, Family Feud  -  Jul 30, 2010

Nice script indeed, I like the twist on a regular Trivia.

You said that you were looking at making it possible for plurals?

I don't know if this helps but you could use:

on *:TEXT:%FF.a1*:%chanFF:{
  if ($remove($1-, == s) || ($remove($1-, == $null) {
  msg %chanFF 10Survey says,4 50 points10!4 $nick 10got the 4#1 10answer,4 %FF.a1 $+ 10!
  inc %FF.score. [ $+ [ $nick ] ] 50
  unset %FF.a1
  set %FF.answerz %FF.answerz + 1
  check %FF.answerz

the remove will take the correct answer off the input trigger (I added a wildcard) and if the value left is s or null it will carry on.
That will only work for s on the end of the answer though.
I'm sure there are easier and better ways to do it, but if you do that for each answer trigger, it should work.

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