FordLawnmower commented on a Page, EggDrop Party Line Connection for mIRC  -  Jul 22, 2010

@kenJi If your eggdrop is running on a shell then you should get that information from your shell provider.
The port should always be listed in your eggdrop.conf in a line like this:

listen 3333 all

In this case 3333 will probably be your port.
If you are using a windrop or a eggdrop on a computer on your lan then you are going to want to connect to the bot with it's local ip. You can find the local ip of a computer by:
On windows:
Start -> Run -> Cmd [enter]
Type ipconfig in the black window.
Look for a x.x.x.x number adjacent to Ipv4.

On Linux:
Open the terminal and type ifconfig
If you get an error on this , type su, enter your admin password and then try again
Look for a inet addr x.x.x.x That is not

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