Jethro commented on a Page, connection killer  -  Jul 16, 2010

lol My bad that I misspelled your name. Oh, you can just use an if-then-else statement for the warnings:

on *:text:*luscious:#:{
  if ($($+(%,grrr,$nick),2) >= 3) {
    kline $nick
    unset $+(%,grrr,$nick)
  else {
    inc $+(%,grrr,$nick)
    notice $nick My name is Lucius, not lucious or even luscious. I am a guy, and $&
      this is your $ord($($+(%,grrr,$nick),2)) notice. The 4th notice will result a kline.

Yes, one if statement will do the trick. And you really should have made the $ord(%grrr [ $+ [ $nick ] ]) works to its advantages instead of making it work once. I ditch the use of brackets [ ] in your example, 'cause they look ugly to me. lol Last but not least, you should unset the variable matching the nick you've kline'd so the count will start afresh.

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