Jethro commented on a Page, Slaps, Kicks & Bans  -  Jul 01, 2010

Epik-Fail, you missed the point. Having Kick message or not is optional and not the point here. What meta was telling you is that channel becomes $null in the query, so in meta's example, that $iif will make sure the # is not $null; if so, proceed to kick a user with the channel specified. This avoids an error if the trigger is initiated via the query.

Also, this line:> timer 1 11 ban $chan $$1 | timer 1 11 kick $chan $$1 04,01R05,01espawning in 10 seconds14,01..can be combined into one with the -k switch:

timer 1 11 ban -k $chan $$1 04,01R05,01espawning in 10 seconds14,01..
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