henbone11 commented on a Page, TVRage 10-Minute-Prior Quick Schedule Announcer  -  May 27, 2010

Jethro_, everything works great, and thanks again for making this. Is there any way to condense the output a little? Instead of each show on its own line? I know that you did it this way to prevent flooding, but is there a way to set a character limit per output until the schedule has been announced?

An example of the output is:

[19:50.10]-(Bot): Airing in 10 minutes: A&E - First 48 10x08 <> CBS - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 10x15 <> ABC - Grey's Anatomy 06x17 <> NBC - The Office 06x17 <> Bravo - The Real Housewives Of Orange County 05x17 <> FOX - Kitchen Nightmares 03x07 <> truTV - The Smoking Gun Presents: World's Dumbest 06x22 <> TLC - Police
[19:50.10]-(Bot): Women of Maricopa 02x03 <> History Channel - Food Tech 01x07 <> Discovery Channel - Surviving Death 01x02

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