sailoreagle commented on a Page, Bot commands for admin  -  Mar 23, 2004

\"The most people can do is kick ban op deop other people big deal\" - well, yes, big deal. Let\'s say you have your channel on a network without any sort of channel registration, so you are relying just on the bot to control the channel. I change my nick to a nick that contains yours, get ops from the bot, deop everybody else (including the bot), set modes +imklb aopsdyas 1 !@*, kick everybody out, and sit in the channel. You\'re going to get it back how? :) As for the while loop - no, actually it\'s not unsafe, it\'s got many, many useful uses in scripting. Otherwise it wouldn\'t be in the commands that can be used. ANYTHING can be unsafe, even just a CTCP event (backdoor anyone?) - that\'s no reason to say \"well, X can be unsafe, so it doesn\'t matter if there\'s an unsafe flaw in my snippet\".

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