kadok_ commented on a Page, Join-Welcome Notice  -  Mar 07, 2010

it still didn't work napa182 huhu,to make things clear i wrote this codes:

on !*:JOIN:%greetchan: {
  if (%greet == on) { .notice $+(12[124::49,$nick,94::412]12) $+(12[124::49,$nick,94::412]12) 10:104+410:109[912[1210Ä10ssä|ämúäläíkúm 10W10äräHmätú||äh 10H10íwäbäräkätúh12]129]910:104+410:10 10Ä10nÐ 10W10ë|côme 10T10ô $+(12[124::49,%greetchan,94::412]12) 10H10ävë 10Ä10 10N10icë 10C10hät 8(89:94)48)8  }
on !*:PART:%greetchan: {
  if (%greet == on) { .notice $nick $nick 10:104+410:109[912[1210Y10ôu 10L10eft 10F10rôm %greetchan 10G10ôôd 10B10yë 10Ä10nd 10W10ish 10T10ô 10M10ëët 10Y10ôu 10Ä10gäin12]129]910:104+410:10 }

i dont have any problems if i wrote $nick like on !*:PART:%greetchan:but if i change and put $nick(with colours) it still gave me the same result napa182

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