oni-kun commented on a Page, PHP Port Checker  -  Feb 10, 2010

Dunno who the owner of that site is @Jonsey44, WHOIS doesn't return anything special.

So you know, IPv4 (What we, and you use currently) can only allocate 2^32, including reserved addresses that we can't use. That is roughly 4 billion, obviously not enough for the growing world. It is possible by 2013 it will be exhausted.

IPv6, which is partially in support (Google, and some sites /torrents and most Linux distributions) but there is yet still a huge leap to take to fulfill this jump.

IPv6 = 2¹²⁸ = A lot.

@Night. No, there will be enough addresses maybe to allow every partical in this universe internet allocations, but.. pointless to go there. :)

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