Pangaea commented on a Page, Google Images searcher  -  Feb 08, 2010

hello there blodix

nice simple script, these are the ones I like, easy to customise.. anyway, as a small thank you, here are a few variations I have made that might come in handy: ... how about a socket napa / ford ;)

ON *:TEXT:!discogs*:#: {
  msg $chan Discogs: $+ $htmlfrm($2-)

google maps, this works surprisingly well

ON *:TEXT:!gmap*:#: {
  msg $chan Map: $+ $htmlfrm($2-)

google video, a ;long forgotten source for long videos

ON *:TEXT:!gvid*:#: {
  msg $chan Video: $+ $htmlfrm($2-), chage your region if needs be

ON *:TEXT:!ebay*:#: {
  msg $chan Ebay: $+ $htmlfrm($2-) much requested

ON *:TEXT:!amazon*:#: {
  msg $chan Amazon: $+ $htmlfrm($2-)

and here is an example of one that searches my own forum

ON *:TEXT:!pan*:#: {
  msg $chan Forum Search: $+ $htmlfrm($2-)

, this one is easy to customise yourself, just get up your fave website that has a search engine, search for an example word, then look at the address, and take the what you need.


i went to amazon, did a search for "example" , then looked at the address bar

look, for the word, in most cases there will be an = before it, so for this link the search address for the script would be ""

"also note you can do more specific searches by grabbing the link from a specific category in what ever site you want to use"

have fun

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