Silo commented on a Page, Joining messages  -  Jan 31, 2010
menu * {
joining dialog:/dialog -ma test test

You're missing a closing bracket. I'd think twice about assigning the * to all the popups, plus, when you're not connected you don't need to see the dialog on the popup menu..

A cleaner way to open the dialog would be to use an $iif so as you don't get "the dialog already in use error message by using:

 dialog $iif($dialog(test),-x,-m test) test 
set %channel $active 

What if the $active window was the status window?
if ($active ischan) or if ($active == $chan) can sort that out nicely. then you can use a return if the $active window isn't the #channel

When using dialog flags you can condense control id's, for example:

did -h test 63,64,65,66

Can be:

did -h test 63-66

makes it neater and you can also separate clumps with a comma like 63-66,74-82 etc

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