gooshie commented on a Page, Anti-Spambot  -  Jan 09, 2010
if (($nick == $me) || (badword isin $1)) { halt }

No need to check for $me as you can not trigger your own TEXT event.

timer [ $+ [ $rand(1,9999) ] ]

Why not have it number itself for two reasons, less code and no risk of timer name collisions.

mode $chan +bbb $adress($nick,2) $address($nick,3) $address($nick,1) | kick $chan $nick (%antispam.bantime Seconds Ban) (badword %tmp.word $+ ) $read(kickmsg.lst) Kickcount: %kickcount. [ $+ [ $nick ] ]
timer [ $+ [ $rand(1,9999) ] ] 1 %antispam.bantime mode $chan -bbb $adress($nick,2) $address($nick,3) $address($nick,1)

adress is mispelled also better to just ban type 2 and use /ban -ku

Your while loops could use work but more importantly if you're gonna store the words in an external file it would be better to load them into hash at start so the harddrive heads dont have to zap over to that spot and read that file for every line of text spoken.

Also, you could use an on load event to do the /install

Hint: Any snippet that uses halt command more than a couple of times probably could be scripted better.

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