Pangaea commented on a Page, link checker  -  Jan 05, 2010

Great stuff cessill, works like a charm now, clean, minimal and no colors.

I had a thought though.. The main reason im using this is for a couple of reasons, alot of ppl are nervous about clicking strange links, so this will help them see some sort of page title.. also from an ops point of view it will help them identify potential spamming or infected websites... however while thinking a little more about this, i was curious to know how exactly dose the script access the sites?.. dose it so to speak "visit" the website.. or simply read the page title of a website. My concern here being that the bot will be visiting every link posted in chan, and its a possibility that some of these links will be spam or infected website.

just wondering about the safety aspects of it thats all, and im probably not exaplaining myself properly

best regards

and again great script and tnx for the help

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