Pangaea commented on a Page, Typos !Trigger Protection  -  Dec 25, 2009


Ok ive read the info about 10 times now, and tryed about 20 diffent things trying to get this to work.

I havent a clue what to do here at all. ive added the code into remotes.. but as far as all the other code u have posted i dont know. where dose this go??

I refare to this code:
on :text::#testing1234:{ if ($1 == !trigger) { commands } }
on :text::#testing1234:{ if ($1 == !Trigger) && ($TriggerPro($nick,$v2) == $true) { commands } }

on :text:!Trigger:#testing1234:{ commands }
:text:!Trigger:#testing1234:{ if ($TriggerPro($nick,!Trigger)) { commands } }

I understand that for !triggers i must put: { if ($TriggerPro($nick,!Trigger))
or do i? with or without the 2nd bracket?
and why is there another } now at the end?
and ive still not idea where the line goes

for example
on :TEXT:!calc :#: msg $chan $nick $+ : The answer is $calc($2-)

what do i have to put in there, and where?? with what bracket? and without?
i assume this:
on :TEXT:!calc :#:{ if ($TriggerPro($nick,!Trigger)) msg $chan $nick $+ : The answer is $calc($2-)}}
so that dosent work, nor dose it work anwhere i paste the line, take out or put back brackets.. dosent work.

The thing is, the example you gave is very specific.. every script i have is totaly differnt looking, and i havent a clue where to put that line, am i even ment to put the line in? and what about the first 2 codes? what are they?

I will paste a few sections of differnt scripts so u can get a feel of what i mean.
on :TEXT:!seen:#:{
if (!$2) { halt }
else {

on *:TEXT:!meditate:#:{
set %fish $rand(1,100000000000000)

on :TEXT:!birthday :#:{ If ($read(birthday.txt,s,$2)) { msg # $2 was born on $ifmatch } | else { msg # No Birthday details for $2 } }
on *:text:!today:#:{
var %a = 1, %b = $lines(birthday.txt), %today

there are 3 examples.. what line do i past in them, where, and what brackets go where.

If i get 3 examples here, i can use them for reference and work the rest out myself.

Would be great if somone could give me a step by step lesson on how to use this.
My channels triggers are suffering badly, and i could do with this, what looks like, amazing god saviour.

happy xmas

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