TheWhistler commented on a Page, Auto Punctuation / Color / Acronym / + more  -  Dec 23, 2009

lol @ you pppl calling ppl names, just goes to show ppl what you really are, i'm not a scripter but i had to editor some of the scripts i goten off hawkee to work, so give the guy credit for trying, he admit he didnt make all of it , what more do y'all want a medal for calling and saying he didnt help, way i look at it yall think yall are better than anybody else , will your not, just cause u know how to script and post to hawkee dont make u a genus, there is more ppl trying to learn to script, plus you was in that place at 1 time or another.just how many scripts did yall steal to reedite and claim it was yours, thats why i want or will never post nothing here, yall mor into crittersizeing what other ppl do , at lease they trying to learn .
PS: this is just my OPION and yes i'm not a good speller
like me or hate me i real dont give a rats butt so be it
Thanks have a good day

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